Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So, many things have changed since I last took the time to publish a post in this blog. One should hope this would be the case, since my last post was, indeed, four months ago. Appropriately, and rather cliche-ly (I'll make up a word if I want), I have recently been reflecting over the ups and downs of 2009.

As many of you know, I spent the first several months of 2009 as an underpaid temp, frantically searching for a permanent job, with things like health insurance, stable hours, and maybe even a retirement plan. Finally, salvation came in the name of the National Association of Children's Hospitals (N.A.C.H.), in the public policy department, no less. Those of you (non-existent readers) who know me, know that I don't believe in any sort of higher power. Yet, even I will admit that I happened upon a job that, while not perfect, is extremely well-suited to me. I don't love it every day, but I enjoy my co-workers, I don't have to stress about choosing between paying my bills and eating (things were not quite that bad, but almost), and I'm not currently worried about being laid off or let go. I am truly thankful for this job, even on the days I don't want to go to work in the morning.

During my frenetic search for steady work, I many times talked about retreating back to school, to get the master's I knew I wanted, but of course would have no way to pay for without a real job. So, instead of forgetting my desire to further my education once I received my "real job," I applied to the Master of Public Policy Program at George Mason University. I received my acceptance letter the day after Christmas, and am very excited to start classes on January 20. I am very much looking forward to studying, researching, and writing papers again, as crazy as that may sound to some. I needed a break after I finished my undergraduate degree, but I'm ready to go back.

While there were times I thought 2009 to be a terrible year, it was, in all honesty, one of my best. I found a job I enjoy, I got accepted to a grad school program, and I got a wonderful apartment with my wonderful boyfriend. But, of course, as I look to 2010, I want to make things even better than they are now. After all, shouldn't everyone want to make next year the best year yet? There for, I'm thinking of a few, resolutions if you will, for 2010:

  • Getting into graduate school was going to be my number one goal - since I accomplished that, now my goal is to start my program full throttle, and truly give it my all.

  • Exercise more - of course it's cliche, but I do need to take advantage of the gym that is two floors below me. Who can't benefit from making themselves healthier?

  • Start writing more - obviously, school will force my hand in writing somewhat, and I'm looking forward to that. However, I also want to actually keep this blog up, rather than posting every few months at random. My goal, actually, will be to post at least twice a week. To aid with this, I need to make the blog more focused, rather than just whatever happens to pop into my head at a moment I'm sitting on the couch with my computer and rather bored. I have a few ideas, but I'll expand more on the focus of the blog when I've determined what it will be.

  • Actually start my monthly "girl's day." In August, I suggested that some female friends and I get together for lunch/coffee on day every month. One friend and I were able to meet that month, and then I never took the time to organize it after that. To get better about this, I plan on picking a day of the month, and placing a recurring appointment on my calendar. Additionally, I'll put a recurring appointment on my calendar two weeks ahead of each outing, reminding me to send the e-mail to confirm the details - where to meet, whether it's coffee, lunch, brunch, etc. There are some wonderful options in the District, and a museum and coffee could be a fabulous and cheap way to spend a few hours.
So, those are my goals for 2010. Of course, all things are fluid. My priorities could change drastically over the next year. We'll see how things progress, and, if I adhere to goal number three, I will keep you updated.

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