Monday, October 13, 2008

An Introduction...Part II

So, after more than a year of being completely inactive on this blog, I have decided to delete all of my old posts (a whopping five...quite impressive) and start anew. I'm not sure what gave me the driving urge to start a blog once again. I suppose I feel that I have something to say, whether or not this is actually true. I suppose I also want to start writing again, something I was rather good at, once upon a time. Mostly, I think that being unemployed (something that hopefully won't last too much longer) has made me incredibly bored, and I feel I need to do something to take up my time.

The question is what am I going to write about? At the moment, I believe the best use of my time would be to write about feminism and politics. Sometimes together, sometimes apart. I suppose sometimes I will simply write about what sort of day I am having, rather than anything at all intellectual. You never know.

In the meantime, dear Reader, I hope you enjoy. I think I am going to spend the next day or so coming up with some sort of design I like, maybe even a better title. And maybe a few feminist reviews of popular culture as they come at me. In the meantime, rock on.

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